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Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller

Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller

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Shirley Demilton shared her experience using the Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller


"I have an oily acne prone skin ever since teenager. I always buy skin care with anti oily benefits. My acne will start to pop when my pores are unclog with oil and dirt. Gladly I found this Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller online. Using this help my face to become less oily. I roll it over my oily face and viola instant oil-free face. Images shows the before and after face after using the roller. My face still look oil-free after 3 hours I've used the roller. It's very compact, i always bring it with me coz i consider it my essential." 

Achieve Oil-Free Face!

Volcanic Oil Control Face Roller is a quick oil control that may assist to keep your face clean and breathable while also improving the condition of your face. For a clear complexion whenever, whenever, at home or on the road, use the Volcanic Oil Control Face Roller. Unlike blotting papers, which are disposable after use and harm the environment as well as your makeup's performance.

Volcanic Stone as Oil Controller

The volcanic stone is delicate. Very smooth when rolling it on face. It works great to absorb the oil of my face. The volcanic stone eases stress and stops wrinkles from forming new ones. Depending on how you like it, you may also heat it with some warm water or vice versa. After using it, you could notice that the stone has darkened and changed color as a result of collecting dirt and oil from your skin.


How Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller works?

Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller is an oil-absorbing roller constructed of volcanic stone. It has a high absorption rate while causing no harm to the skin. It is also washable, reusable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

An actual volcanic stone roller ball is used to absorb extra skin oil The stone is porous and has several little pores throughout it. Without any additional chemicals, it possesses natural fine sebum adsorption power. Remove excess oil from your face and restore a clean and matte skin, Soaks up oil and dirt while diffusing its reflective nature.

Your makeup will not be ruined by the Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller. Use the face roller to gently rub on the face to absorb oil when it is greasy. Your makeup won't be ruined and the absorption is better than that of oil-absorbing paper.

The substance of the Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller absorbs excess oil and prolongs the matte and clean appearance of the skin. When debris and extra oil on the skin meet, the result is clogged pores and acne. The Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller was created to remove extra oil from the skin. This is a technique for keeping makeup on the skin while also cleaning the skin.

Why Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller special?

✅ Instantly oil control

✅ Improve the face condition

✅ Keep your face clean and breathable

✅ It won’t mess up your makeup

✅ Keep your skin looking and feeling it's best

✅ Reusable and easy wash with a gentle cleanser, rinse, and air-dry

✅ Mini design make it portable and easy to carry

Here are some of our happy customers!

"It's incredibly helpful. I originally came across this online, and the video I saw seemed to demonstrate how nicely it worked. I work and frequently use oil blotting sheets, however if this rollerball works, it would be much more practical because it is washable and reusable. This absorbs all of the oil and truly makes your skin seem absolutely matte without moving your makeup at all! very simple to clean This rolling contraption is almost magical." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kelly Thompson


"This item is attractive and portable enough to fit in my handbag for daily usage. Because it is reusable and simple to wash with water when soiled, it is superior than oil absorption sheets. The volcanic stone is sensitive. When I rolled it over my face, it felt really smooth. My face's oil is effectively absorbed despite having oily skin. really gets rid of grease. It disappears for at least 12 hours. Worth the investment."⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Minerva Portman 

Product Detail

Material: ABS Volcanic Stone
Product weight: 41.5g

Package Includes

1 x Facial Oil Control Volcanic Stone Roller

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